Shanghai Longfeng example West YALG’official website of the Shanghai dragon of the whole cabinet

solution: it is also an important personal website found that since the love Shanghai promotion, is love Shanghai note up, often included, because love Shanghai high quality outside the chain, the website in just a month will be some keywords ranking to the first page first the first second pages, or.

encountered problems in the process of two: general background, resulting in many of the same kind of all pages to all have the same title.

West YALIG’whole cabinet is a 8 year old Hebei whole cabinet brand, but in e-commerce started late, the latest revision of the website launched on May 2011, YALIG’ official website 贵族宝贝xiyalijia贵族宝贝. In the aspect of Shanghai Longfeng responsible by me, but it is also a difficult site. From its first line, to be included on the discovery of major problems, the following detailed introduce the optimization process.

Shanghai dragon One of the Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon

solution: the home page text links, links to other pages. Submit a sitemap in the noble baby. After half a month, love Shanghai included 17 pages, Google included page 32. The home page is a site of an important channel, must be able to link from the home page to any page.

encountered problems in the process of three: the ranking is not ideal.

solution: This is the most dynamic web pages can encounter problems, many web friends do not pay attention to the dynamic generation of each page of the title, which leads to all pages of a class are the same title. Not only affect customer access, also affect the ranking results.

encountered problems in the process of large FLASH: home page navigation, spiders and reptiles do not get the link. The new revision of the website and the past website was only included a home page. The old version of the site is due to the use of the frame set, the new site is using FLASH navigation. The site in the design of the time did not consider the Shanghai dragon problem, bring great workload optimization this site later.

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