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for URL static, URL Rewrite Module most of the most common methods is to use the server. In (Linux+Apache+Mysql+php) commonly used in the server is the mod_rewrite module, then URL rewriting code is based on what? That point is dynamic URL structure of each site is different, the server settings will be different, I naturally we need different code, we should remember in writing when the static website URL the code must be careful, the wrong characters are likely to make your site into a tragedy.



first of all we have to say is why to do static URL

and URL really need static


as you know, now most of the websites are using the database driven, open source pages are generated by the program, rather than a completely pure hand edited by webmaster static HTML files. When our users to visit the web site, the website automatically according to the parameters provided by the URL to call the data inside the database, thereby generating the content of the web site. Here we have a very clear, the initial state of the URL website now is dynamic. The search engine is not love dynamic URL in the initial stage of development, because of the dynamic URL is easy to let the spider into the wireless repeat cycle, which included a large number of duplicate pages. So the search engine of dynamic URL is at a distance, to make our web page is the perfect collection, this is our webmaster to do dynamic static URL

static URL


with the development of search engines, in recent years the domestic famous search engine technology to update the parameters of a lot, there are several URL inside can also be included, even more than the weight of the high site will also included several parameters. So some webmaster >

relatively, this method is more practical in our code, but there is no fundamental solution, because the static URL can we speak here of the entirely static, can only be called "pseudo static", the server does not exist with respect to the HTML, the user can see the page or dynamically generated the only one of the sites look static. For search engines, pseudo static and static true there is no difference, so we do pseudo static well.

although many webmaster do Shanghai Longfeng this line is for a long time, but there are a lot of people don’t know what URL is static, why and how to do the static URL static URL. Xiao Bian today to write an article on the URL static knowledge to the webmaster

!Secondly, we talk about how to

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