The 365 group website optimization chain you will notice

tried several times this kind of domain name input, the output results are the same, so you can let everyone have a worth thinking, love for Shanghai www com * * * * such as web site, where you rely on this way to post links, this is the chain I have? Try this way, in the domain web site after the emergence of a similar link.

as the saying goes, "content is king, the chain for emperor", for everyone is very clear, the search engine for the contents of the original original works are very popular, it is to use their own language to tell their own experiences. This, I believe that everyone can do, only is a brilliant and ass problem, today we to talk about web site optimization is called "the emperor" part of the site outside the chain.

chain method has many kinds, I think that the chain is not necessarily more, the high quality of the chain is the most critical, the website has access to and studied many master, outside the chain of the site is very few, the use of domain and Yahoo query backlinks are rarely, but can still get hot core words good rankings, so that alone is worth us to ponder the optimization of friends, not by means of optimization, but by quality, can bring to the reader’s knowledge and experience is the hard truth. Edited by: www.365dig贵族宝贝 editing, please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation.

ask you a question, why do website optimization link? I think everyone’s answer is "in order to increase the weight of the website, in order to increase the number of spiders index, in order to enhance the website ranking, en so good we all know the chain for the benefits of the site, so how can we query the site outside the chain.? I think we all know love Shanghai domain this command, this command is a website of reverse link command, use examples: domain:www.***贵族宝贝, this is the site of the number of backlinks query, of course this is just a reference, love Shanghai to retrieve only the URL, can not see the link anchor text.

I do in the chain found a very interesting question, hope to discuss with you, love Shanghai for words and symbols can be equated? In search of their love of Shanghai. We all know this, the web site will appear in the first place, but if you put the web site. "." instead of "points" that appear whether or your website? We can try, as shown below:

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