Leaves how to long tail keywords analysis

(1) by using the drop-down menu to love Shanghai long tail keywords analysis. We find that when we enter a keyword, love Shanghai in the search box below will generate recommended many key words, and these words are certain searches. We can have a search volume to analyze what long tail keywords related websites through this function.

(2) by the Ministry of love sea related search long tail keywords analysis. When we search out a key result in Shanghai love, fall in love with the bottom of the sea will be two for the keywords related keywords. So these words are has a certain amount of retrieval, so will appear in the search. So we can also use this feature on the website of the long tail keywords were collected and analyzed.

long tail keywords target keywords website (primary key), but it can bring search volume keywords for the site, the long tail keywords. Keywords competition website is more and more big, and for the new station is extremely difficult to obtain weight and obtain the target keywords flow. So the long tail keywords is a good choice, can accumulate a lot of traffic for us in the short term. How to analyze the long tail keywords on the website of the

(3) by the analysis and collection of love Shanghai Encyclopedia of long tail keywords. The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love there are a large number of entries, the term is a keyword. Then we can find out the key words and website main keywords or similar in wikipedia.

has numerous long tail keywords in different industries, then to collect these long tail keywords is not possible. Because of the long tail keywords too wide, and in constant change and produce. But there is a better way to these long tail keywords analysis and collection.

(4) by Shanghai love index on the long tail keywords analysis. Shanghai love index will reflect a keyword search volume, and some amount of retrieval keywords associated with the keyword will appear in our search index. Then we can intuitively know the keywords retrieval quantity. And also some not found words collection.

Elliot is a website critical target words, but it brings for the website search volume. Long tail keywords than target keywords has obvious characteristics, key words long, usually consists of two words or three words, or even a phrase. Such words flow is very limited, but the competition is very small, so if the large accumulation of these long tail keywords, it will bring a lot of traffic to our website. The product or enterprise station, long tail keywords has obvious conversion rate, the long tail keywords on the user has obvious positive.

, the Shanghai love on the long tail keywords analysis. Shanghai love some product features to our collection of long tail keywords is very favorable.


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