Sharing web site directory submission site a few tips

as the name suggests, is nothing more than a collection of Web catalogs of artificial resources, some valuable resources through artificial way to their theme of organization, stored in the corresponding directory, so the classification system is the formation of Web site directory. The website is the website in search of a visitor resource database, retrieval, to find a word in the dictionary. The main difference is the different ways of classification search, can directly find the target directory contents in the corresponding classification, dictionary search directory organized more trouble, more clear.

What is the

1, select the web site directory platform

in each big website directory submit your site, rather as their external links. According to statistics, the search engine attaches great importance to the web site directory of the high degree of classification directory sites on the platform for a certain weight, of course, the search engine recognition ability is also very strong, for some of the garbage and the fledgling directory platform directory submission site on the above platform, will become the object of the search engine. And see them as the chain of garbage classification directory library, so the platform is good or bad, the difference between stationmaster choice.

We classified The The

is currently on the Internet, the number of web directory platform of tens of thousands, although many well-known Web site directory search engine is very important, but I still remind you not to master after screening will be submitted to the site each web site directory platform, it only shows that you are a stupid webmaster. People have advantages and disadvantages, the website directory platform also has the difference, for some categories of poor quality, out of order, the search engines are reluctant to give a little weight, or despise the platform, if you submit your site > in these directories

experience: effective submission techniques site in the site directory

search engine to help web site directory directory site

examples, do search engine optimization is the most important job is to master the construction of the chain, the author will find the Dmoz directory in the shadow of the analysis of many site outside the chain case, and domain website catalog ranking effect is quite good, these are the first Dmoz directory, Dmoz directory for the webmaster. Careful webmaster will find that when you submit the site in the Dmoz directory is successful, your site will be a subtle change, included, weight, number of external chain increases, the effect is very obvious. In a word, if the webmaster can successfully submit your site to some high quality categories, to a certain extent will benefit.

for classification directory? What is the website directory? What is the search site? What is the difference between them? What are the advantages of web directory for our site? When building the web site directory need to pay attention to what the problem? Perhaps the novice webmaster can know one aspect, but the knowledge system is not perfect the author, with his usual experience to build a detailed analysis of Web Directory:


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