The enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng analysis of effective channels to obtain the high qualit


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second, the classified information platform. Because this paper is of high quality external connection construction enterprises, we can choose a lot of classified information platform to do external connection, one can very quickly find our products corresponding to the plate, improve the correlation between products and site of the second, because the weight of many classification information platform itself has been very high, only.

first, soft outreach. I want to talk about two points, first of all, the soft stationmaster net contribute high weight, for example, now you see Admin5 soft Wen submitting, attention points in the submission webmaster website, the original is the foundation, must provide users with valuable and readable articles, whether you are good at that, Shanghai Longfeng optimization, site planning and so on according to their own the strengths of choice for their own column, in the original basis, has the help to the users of the article as the main theme, will own experience and experience with the popular language comprehension and so on can be described. As for the user to provide valuable information to all friends, stationmaster net open, there is a gathering place for the grassroots, once your article is adopted, and the majority can not only optimize operation personnel to learning, but also can bring high quality link is very good for your website, its meaning and value every optimization personnel are very worth doing, as long as do also can completely do it. Secondly, how my poor writing, you can choose to use their own plain language, to control their own even a knowledge, share out, to each big high weight forum, as long as the basic requirements consistent with the content of forum moderators are not easily removed, and this method is simple, the novice is very low. Friends can do, as long as their own efforts released every day, is also a good external release method, is tired, I still suggest that you are soft contribute. This two kinds of soft Wen promotion methods according to their own strengths to choose one, stick to our website will bring good external links.

more people search engine gradually accustomed to searching for information on the Internet, it also makes a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises have been involved in e-commerce market, it is one of the effective channels of Shanghai Longfeng target customers and the enterprise brand construction for small and medium enterprises, since the choice of Shanghai, search engine optimization, website on the search engine performance is undoubtedly based web site traffic and build brand, how to effectively improve the site weight, nothing less than the content of the website and outreach, this is an indisputable fact, how to improve the enterprise competitive station website of high quality external links and improve website weight, is one of the issues we study the optimization of personnel, outreach everyone do, but how in a relatively short time efficient construction site of high quality external connection, The author here on this topic with the interpretation of A. The site requires not only the required number of outreach and quality is also a bit not neglect, I want to talk about how to do from the following aspects of both.

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