nternational domain name will also be included in the scope of regulation

is the standard management of domain name registration and service order, effectively carry out combat mobile phone pornography special action to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of Internet users, the Ministry of industry in December 16, 2009 the organization of national domain name registration service and management institutions held in Beijing aimed at regulating the national domain name registration and carry out combat mobile phone pornographic special action meeting in accordance with the law.

ministry in the fight against mobile phone pornography special action meeting in accordance with the law put forward from five points of supervision of the domain name, the domain name registration authority, clear requirements of domain name registration services, to improve the management measures to prevent illegal websites using the transform domain name means to avoid regulation, namely: the domain name holder is to close the site to be included in the blacklist management the transfer of the domain name, and must be used by others, not to re register on the site without registration of domain name resolution (including jump), to the relevant departments in accordance with the law jurisprudence site and illegal domain name holders shall be included in the blacklist of supervision, focus on cleaning up the domain management, service problems of five points to strengthen supervision full implementation of the special action to combat mobile phone pornography.

at present, learned from the National Conference of the domain name registration service and management, in order to further the fight against pornographic illegal websites, the relevant departments of the state through a series of technical methods, for the most part the establishment of the overseas has registered the domain name registration and supervision, taking on the foreign implementation of appropriate control measures to eliminate illegal use of the website outside the station to avoid combat overseas registered domain name.

in addition, the meeting also discussed the related management bill relating to the use of foreign enterprises to carry out China business website, the future will be to develop business in some Chinese foreign enterprise name and website supervision, these companies to do business in the China the domain name must be through domestic business registration registration, domain name registered abroad shall be used to carry out China business.

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