Food brand project introduction

food and beverage industry, there are countless projects to join the market competition, the selection of brand projects can enhance your competitiveness in the market, which is why we are so careful to choose the project one of the reasons. For this small series specially selected some brand catering project for your reference.


industry: Food and beverage Western food and beverage

industry rankings: first comprehensive ranking: third

investment quota: 100-200 million

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Happy children’s playground to join the national security

happy to join the National Children’s Park project strong strength, to bring more protection franchisee, under the support of the headquarters, many investors have successfully get a good profit. If you want to do a good job in the joint venture investment in the strength of the brand, quickly seize market opportunities.

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Entrepreneurs to get rich first have a good business ideas

careful observation will find that this year, many people choose to start a business, so many people keen on entrepreneurship is indeed a good thing, but also virtually exacerbated the competition in the entrepreneurial market. In the case of fierce competition, entrepreneurs want to get rich must first have a breakthrough entrepreneurial ideas.

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Entrepreneurial shop to choose the store’s four tips to master

now, a lot of people want to start a business shop, but to truly achieve this dream, in fact, is not easy, we need to master a lot of entrepreneurial support and skills. Today Xiaobian take you to find out how to set up shop how to shop.

, a targeted selected shops, entrepreneurs should be determined according to the characteristics of project venture shops placement and regional characteristics, such as the general should involved in services in the residential area, involved in the catering industry should be in crowded areas, so as to ensure the flow of consumer. read more

The business of the whole – Zhang Hongmin

community shops seem to have a community of customers as a guarantee, as if there is no big problem, however, only done this business will be clear. Now the competition is very fierce community shops, a careless, guests lost. Therefore, only the real attract customers, will make business hot.

Zhang Hongmin is the first community retail customers we are going to interview, his shop is located in the northwest side of Beijing village, near the main road community, surrounded by tall trees, the door is open, is a good place for leisure and rest. Although the winter is approaching, but the afternoon sun shines on the body, making people feel the warmth of spring. Also more than and 100 meters away from the store when we saw the shop in front of the shed stood, a group of people, very lively. read more

Fuzhou in the first half of the new home sales volume high

this is the world’s most afraid of fire fire but real estate, although prices have been rising even burst, Nitian prices phenomenon, but still did not stop people buying enthusiasm. Yesterday, reporters from Fuzhou city housing registration center was informed that the first half of the Fuzhou property market continued to be active, the overall presentation to inventory status, new commercial housing sales, city level in the most recent 5 years, the city after 2013. Fuzhou sold 63 thousand sets of new homes in the first half, urban sales hit a new high of 5 years. read more

Braised chicken rice join fly

talking about yellow braised chicken rice, countless people may be such a regular shop. Indeed, it is now popular in China’s catering market is very high, and because of the simple operation, has been the concern of many investors, has become a big market for venture capital favored by the good business opportunities. So, yellow braised chicken rice join fly it?

2015 in May, the last piece of pure land, "Tibet" was conquered, yellow braised chicken to achieve the coverage of all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Braised chicken rice can be popular in the country, in addition to the public taste and adequate quantity, the price is very reasonable. Compared with the recent four or five years of rising food prices, yellow braised chicken rice in the case of quality and quantity, the price remained unchanged. read more

Chengdu college students in Jinniu District as super seller try Entrepreneurship

is now around in order to promote the students’ entrepreneurial activities, have held every kind of entrepreneurship competition, to help some entrepreneurial college students to achieve business objectives, recently held in Chengdu City, such an open up a fresh outlook entrepreneurship competition.

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