Zhangshu City, Jiangxi entrepreneurship training into the park under the township

In fact, for many

among college graduates who, entrepreneurship has become a very important activity, under the background of the country to vigorously promote the university graduates entrepreneurship, more and more people start a business.

"after graduation, it is necessary to learn some knowledge of entrepreneurship, thanks to hold Employment Bureau and school entrepreneurship training, we can make a gate with venture capital."

"before the air hit mahjong, now, to participate in the SYB training, I can always open the Sundry Goods shop opened up." Recently, Zhangshu City Employment Bureau started entrepreneurship training "into the campus, under the village" activities, help the various types of urban and rural workers especially college graduates, migrant workers and urban employment difficulties to enhance entrepreneurship, promote entrepreneurship support policy implementation. read more

How to successfully sell liquor franchisee

liquor franchisee need to successfully sell their own wine products, requires a certain capacity. No wind blows, not using the power of language is not enough. A lot of new agents are very interested in learning business skills, small series on finishing a number of small details, hoping to help you to some extent.

A: wine marketing skills and basic skills

remember the price of drinks, origin, flavor, taste content. In order to answer the guest’s questions, be ready to do a good job. Do not use ambiguous language in marketing, such as: almost, perhaps, and so on. You can use the language of praise: Sir, you really have a good eye, XXX make our store is currently selling one of the best drinks. read more

How to open a fashion bathroom agent is very important to the success of business practices

is now in the social life, people are more concerned about the quality of life, at the same time, there are a lot of people pay more attention to the quality of life Home Furnishing, first from the Home Furnishing decoration bathroom products, so the bathroom market has become hot up, now want to open a fashion bathroom store, should do what.

now the market investment must consider is various, the investment operation of a fashionable sanitary agent can get good profit space. Now open fashion bathroom agent, in the operation should pay attention to some methods and skills in order to get good development. So, what are the open style bathroom agent method skills? Business methods usually agency fashion bathroom is divided into many aspects, this is many novice entrepreneurs in the shop at the beginning of the most concern, below, for you what business methods commonly used, I hope to help novice entrepreneurs. read more

How can women’s lingerie store to attract the eye of the four methods

      now many businesses are women as the main consumer groups, but the dress has a lot, so it can be said that women’s underwear is the most attractive woman’s eye has become a key problem. According to the survey of female underwear shop to attract women is so many, what kind of skill is the best, the first factor before the woman buy clothes on is often a piece of clothing styles and colors, but now the consumer concerns are different, the four methods of underwear shop suction eye to lead you have the advantage of making money. read more

Shenzhen FT military platform is committed to solve the problem of employment and Entrepreneurship o

retired officers and soldiers due to years of special living environment, causing them to leave the army, whether it is to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, or the choice of employment are faced with many problems. To this end, 16, Shenzhen City, Nanshan District science and Technology Park FT in a platform and employment entrepreneurship training ceremony officially inaugurated, the platform will provide employment advice for the retired officers and business counseling services, efforts to solve the retired army soldiers employment difficult problem. read more

Retail stores have more creative

immutable, although it is a heritage of history, however, because it can not meet the development of the times, the same did not get better development. There is an old saying: "the poor to change and it will pass, long general". It can be seen that "change" can play a role in the development of things. Into the tobacco industry this year, following the customer manager to visit the market, customer service, so I learned a lot of things. Not only the attitude of customer service, speaking skills, many of the customer’s business ideas and business methods have also benefited me. read more

Automotive beauty franchise business – business analysis

If you want to get a good start, you need to get ready for the

auto beauty franchise. Before the start of the business, not only need to do a good job shop location and other physical preparation, but also need to do psychological preparation. Specific can see a lot of experience analysis, can help themselves find a more suitable development direction.

Must inspect before

read more

Six tips for restaurant management

food and beverage industry is a promising industry, do catering this line is also a lot of friends have ideas. Want to successfully open a restaurant, we must first master some skills. The following is to share the six restaurant business skills, we want to help:

1, to meet customer needs Hotel, catering marketing activities of the main task, should be found and meet customer needs.

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