Full Audio: MMJ’s Jim James Brings Protest Music To Washington D.C.

first_imgMy Morning Jacket frontman Jim James has been particularly outspoken of late, standing up for human rights during this time of social turmoil. The beloved singer/songwriter released Eternally Even earlier this month, fueling human rights activists with music that confronts hatred and political manipulations. With Eternally Even just released, James is supporting the solo album with a full length tour, and brought said tour to the Warner Theatre in Washington, DC.While James’ music has been very well received across the country, it certainly must have struck a chord in the nation’s capital. Jim James played songs from his new album, as well as efforts from his previous solo release, Regions Of Light and Sounds Of God. He also worked songs from other non-MMJ projects, including Monsters of Folk and The New Basement Tapes, into the setlist.Thankfully, taper Alex Leary was on hand to capture the performance. Listen to his full recording, streaming below!last_img read more

For teens who feel it all, a research-backed explanation

first_imgWhen teenagers seem to be experiencing conflicting emotions at the same time and struggling to make sense of them all, it may be because they are.That’s the finding of a new study by Leah Somerville and Erik Nook, a Ph.D. student working in her lab. Other co-authors were Katie McLaughlin, now an assistant professor of psychology; Psychology Department researcher Stephanie Sasse; and Hilary Lambert of the University of Washington. The research was described in a paper in Psychological Science.“In particular, what we wanted to look at is how people can take the messy mix of feelings we have at any moment and try to make sense of them by giving them specific labels … and how that process changes,” Nook said. “Because some people are very specific in making sense of what they’re feeling, whereas other people might just say they feel bad, but can’t be more specific than that.” This ability to specifically identify one’s emotions is called emotion differentiation or emotion granularity.“It’s very common to co-experience multiple emotions,” Somerville added. “But what Erik was able to do was to … chart out how that process of differentiating our emotional states changes from childhood to adulthood.”Somerville and Ph.D. student Erik Nook. Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff PhotographerThe study tested two competing ideas. The first was that people would slowly and steadily show more emotion differentiation as they got older, and the second was that the ability to parse emotions would fall along a U-shape, in which differentiation would be high in childhood and adulthood but low during adolescence.A close examination of the data, Somerville said, showed that younger children scored higher on emotional differentiation because they tended to pick one emotion — and only one — when asked about their feelings.“Basically, they’re just putting all their cards in one pile,” Somerville said. “And what we think is going on is that young people hold the belief that it’s only reasonable to experience one emotion at a time, and with increasing age they let go of that belief.“That would result in a middle period — adolescence — where they don’t have that belief any longer, and they’re co-experiencing lots of emotions without a great amount of experience to parse them apart,” she continued.To test the ability of people at different ages to differentiate their emotions, Nook designed an experiment in which participants ranging in age from 5 to 25 viewed images specifically selected to induce five different emotions — anger, disgust, fright, sadness, and upset. (Parents of the children who took part in the study were given a chance to view the images in advance.)“Decades of work have gone into developing a set of images which we know will induce feelings in people and which we have good standard ratings on,” he said. “We showed participants 20 pictures that we know tend to make people feel negative emotions … and we asked how much each image made them feel the five different emotions.”Participants studied each image for six seconds. After viewing the image, they were presented with a set of sliding bars with which to indicate how much they felt each emotion, from not at all to extremely.,“After they looked at all 20 images, we used a statistic that is basically a souped-up correlation to understand whether they were responding in the same kind of way to each image … or if they have a different set of emotional ratings for each image.”The data, Nook said, showed that from childhood to adolescence, the ability to differentiate emotions decreased, reaching its nadir at around 15 before increasing into adulthood.While the finding fits with the stereotypical image of adolescents struggling to deal with shifting emotions, there are specific and serious reasons for seeking to understand how and why teens might struggle to make sense of their feelings.Adolescence repeatedly has been shown as the most common age for the onset of mental illness, Nook said, and studies repeatedly have found links between mental illness and lack of emotion differentiation.“There are many findings that correlate high emotional differentiation with indices of mental health and well-being,” he said. “There are a slew of studies showing that people with depression, social anxiety, autism, schizophrenia, the list goes on — all of these disorders are characterized as having low emotional differentiation, and unfortunately, there isn’t a really great explanation for why.”Links between mental illness and emotion differentiation would be a natural area for additional study, Somerville said. How the brain develops Harvard researchers, others will study how its connections mature through youth Related “We can’t link our data, necessarily, to mental illness,” she said. “However, the natural way that development plays out is creating, I think, a period of low differentiation for adolescents, which could have some important implications for their health and well-being.”More generally, Somerville is investigating how abstract conceptions of emotions change as we age, with an eye on developing an understanding of emotional development that could be used as a benchmark for measuring risk of mental illness.“As we had said, adolescence is a period that is very healthy in many, many ways, but the onset of mental illness is one key risk factor,” she said. “We’re interested in these processes because if we can understand what a normal trajectory looks like … then clinical scientists can use this to try to think about the unique risk factors for mental illness throughout the lifespan.”Ultimately, Somerville and Nook said, the study provides a window on the way in which our emotional lives evolve.“This gives us yet another insight into how our bubbling stream of emotions changes as we get older,” Nook said. “I think this has a lot of implications for how we help each other at different ages to make sense of what we’re feeling and how we talk about emotions.”This project was supported by a National Institute of Mental Health grant to K. A. McLaughlin (R01-MH103291) and a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to E. C. Nook (DGE1144152).last_img read more

Agritourism Conference Nov. 3-5

first_imgThe 2010 Georgia Agritourism Conference, “Play, Learn, Grow,” will be held Nov. 3 – 5 at the Dillard House in Rabun County, Ga.Educational breakout sessions and networking opportunities highlight this year’s event. Dan Cathy, chief operating officer of Chick-fil-A, has been invited to end the conference with a keynote address Friday, Nov. 5, at noon.The conference celebrates the newly formed Georgia Agritourism Association and will include the organization’s first official meeting.The conference will begin after lunch on Wednesday, Nov. 3. Sessions and exhibits will include current information from agritourism experts. The schedule is designed to teach entrepreneurs the basics of building and sustaining agritourism enterprises including business planning, insurance and liability, budgeting, financing options, estate planning and legal issues facing agritourism operations. A session on the use of social media to effectively build business will also be offered.Marketing specialists from the University of Georgia Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development will discuss effective marketing strategies. Free marketing resources, like Market Maker, will be presented as well as information on loans and financing programs.Barbecue and a bonfire are planned for a casual Wednesday dinner.Thursday afternoon tours of Rabun County agritourism sites will include visits to the Kudzu Factory and Persimmon Creek Vineyards, among others. Georgia’s agriculture and tourism industries will host newly-elected legislators for a “Georgia Farm-to-Table” dinner on Thursday night.Early bird registration is $125 before October 22 and $165 after. Registration includes meals, tours and materials. Organizations can exhibit for $250, but limited space is available. Varying sponsorship levels are available. Visit www.areg.caes.uga.edu for online or mail-in registration and sponsorship information. A special conference-lodging rate of $89 per night, which has been extended through the weekend, is available by calling the Dillard House at 1-800-541-0671 or by visiting www.dillardhouse.com .The conference is hosted and sponsored by the UGA Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development, the Georgia Resource Conservation and Development Council, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission, Georgia Farm Bureau, Georgia Center for Agriculture Innovation, Georgia Center for Local Government, Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, UGA Cooperative Extension, Georgia Department of Economic Development Tourism Division, the Rock Ranch, Jaemor Farms, Hillcrest Orchards, AgGeorgia Farm Credit, Rabun County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Northeast Georgia Mountains Travel Association, Georgia Agribusiness Council and C7 Marketing and Sales Solutions.last_img read more

Seattle welcomes credit unions for 4 days of education, experiences

first_imgCUNA’s America’s Credit Union Conference began in earnest at the Washington State Convention Center Sunday with a small credit union roundtable, a general session speech by Alex Sheen, and the grand opening of the exhibit hall.Nearly 1,000 credit union advocates traveled to Seattle for the four-day conference, which offers critical networking opportunities and a broad menu of learning experiences focused on innovation and the future of the financial services industry.During Sunday’s opening general session, Alex Sheen, CEO and founder of “because I said I would,” detailed for attendees the history of his organization, a nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity through practicing the simple act of keeping promises.Attendees also have been asked to amplify the credit union presence in Seattle this week by actively posting updates and experiences on social media using the hashtag #CUNAACUC. continue reading » 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

A contract was signed for the development of a Management Plan for the monumental ensemble of the City of Dubrovnik

first_img“The commission has prepared procurement documentation and prepared a project task according to UNESCO guidelines, and it implies cooperation of city administration and institutions with the private sector, associations, citizens, civil society organizations and its success will depend on the success of its implementation in all management moves. world good ”Mihaela Skurić, director of the Institute for the Reconstruction of Dubrovnik, emphasized in the introduction “This is the first management plan in the Republic of Croatia for the UNESCO-protected area, which is why we have included the University of Zagreb, the University of Dubrovnik, as well as foreign experts with experience in developing a management plan to respond well to this task.” concluded the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb Krunoslav Šmit. The City of Dubrovnik, the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Zagreb and the Institute for the Reconstruction of Dubrovnik have signed an Agreement on the execution of services for the preparation of the Management Plan for the monumental ensemble of the City of Dubrovnik. The Management Plan is a planning document based on which a framework for the management of the World Heritage Site “Old Town of Dubrovnik” is created in order to preserve and improve the properties of outstanding universal value under the protection of UNESCO, while developing modern life through sustainable management and use of good and its contact zone. “The management plan will define everything we have problems with on a daily basis and thus life will be much easier for the city administration, residents and all businesses that want to do business in the historic core, because the rules of the game will be known. We are preparing and adopting a buffer zone, we are really taking care of the UNESCO protected area on several levels”Said the Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, and concluded that it is crucial to preserve the protected cultural heritage in the best possible condition for future generations. The management plan is prepared for the period from 2020 to 2025, and it should elaborate the goals, define priorities through the action plan, and propose specific conditions and measures, organizational models and rules that should be adopted by the City Council, all for the purpose of optimal protection and preservation of World Heritage assets in key processes of inclusion in modern life and economic development. Mayor Franković thanked the Institute for Reconstruction, the Ministry of Culture headed by Minister Nina Obuljen Koržinek, Mayor Tanja Lolić and all those who participated in the long process that preceded the signing of the contract.last_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Friday, March 1

first_imgThere are only two choices. One is to have a wall recognizing its true purpose.The other is to tear down the wall.So far, I have yet to see the governor, senators or representatives of California demanding the wall between Tijuana and San Diego be torn down.Andy Beiniks    Charlton 1) The city of Schenectady does have at least one small sidewalk-sized snow machine, which it uses to clear certain city and county walks, sometimes.2) When my neighbors and I clear our walks on Guilderland Avenue, the city fills them back in.Snow plows travel up and down the street, usually well over the speed limit, and the very heavy snow and slush are thrown over the snowbanks, onto our sidewalks.Usually, the stuff freezes before we can get back out to re-shovel (not that it matters, the plows come by again after we do), but even when it doesn’t, the mixture from the streets is so heavy it isn’t worth trying to shovel it again, unless you have a physical therapist on speed dial.So the city has the capability of clearing the sidewalks.It really needs to do so after the homeowner has already cleared a path, and the city fills it back up again — as it has been doing for the more than 30 years I’ve lived on Guilderland Avenue.Kurt C. SiegelSchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationCuomo calls for clarity on administering vaccineGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motorists Plows put the snow back on sidewalksSara Foss’ Feb. 25 column was very interesting, regarding municipalities’ policy of clearing sidewalks.I’d like to add two things to her commentary: Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionWall is designed to delay, not defeatThe opinion piece by Ieva Jusionyte on the effectiveness of the border wall, published on Feb. 24 shows a complete lack of understanding as to what a wall is supposed to accomplish.He states, “…no matter the design, the fence does not deter unauthorized migrants.” The actual purpose of protective walls is to slow an intruder until a reaction force can arrive.  Why does a bank vault have thick concrete walls and a thick door? It’s to slow down someone trying to break in until the police arrive.If the police aren’t going to bother showing up, you could take a jackhammer to the walls of the bank branches on Route 50 in Glenville on a Sunday to leisurely break in and take the contents of the vaults.So-called technological solutions such as drones, motion detectors and video cameras really only work in conjunction with a physical barrier that establishes a final protective barrier.  If walls and fences are that ineffective, why does the military put up walls and fences around their compounds in Afghanistan and Iraq?If you choose to believe Ieva Jusionyte and other critics of the effectiveness of a wall, then you would believe that the military wasted a lot of time, effort and money building walls and fences in Afghanistan and Iraq to protect our forces.last_img read more

Iran’s Khamenei urges fight against ‘tragic’ virus resurgence

first_imgKhamenei’s speech was his first to MPs since the new parliament took office at the end of May, dominated by conservatives and ultra-conservatives elected in February polls. According to his official site, Khamenei praised healthcare workers for “their sacrifices”.But he also strongly criticized “some people who do not even do something as simple as wearing a mask”, saying he felt “ashamed” of such behavior. Khamenei’s comments came as infections have again been on the rise in Iran since early May.  According to figures announced Sunday, 194 deaths from the COVID-19 disease and 2,186 new cases were recorded in the past 24 hours. The health ministry announced a record 221 deaths in a single day on Thursday. In total, 257,303 cases have been reported in the country, including 12,829 deaths, health ministry spokeswoman Sima Sadat Lari said Sunday in a televised press conference. The rising toll has prompted authorities to make masks mandatory in enclosed public spaces and to allow the hardest-hit provinces to reimpose other measures against the virus.Iran had closed schools, cancelled public events and banned movement between its 31 provinces in March, but the government progressively lifted restrictions from April to reopen its sanctions-hit economy.On Saturday, President Hassan Rouhani said the country could not afford to shut down the economy, even as the outbreak worsened.Iran must continue “economic, social and cultural activities while observing health protocols”, Rouhani said during a televised virus taskforce meeting.But he reminded Iranians that restrictions, such as a ban on public and private gatherings, remained in place.”Gatherings, whether for funerals, weddings, parties, seminars or festivals are all harmful” to public health, Rouhani said.Authorities have previously reported the spread of the virus in areas where such bans had been ignored.On Sunday, Khamenei also told lawmakers that “parliament has the right to question… but is not permitted to insult or slander government officials”.His comments came a week after a session in which MPs heckled Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, largely over his key role in negotiating a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.The deal had given the Islamic republic relief from international sanctions in return for limits on its nuclear program, but Iranian conservatives staunchly opposed the multilateral agreement, arguing the US could never be trusted.The US unilaterally abandoned the accord in 2018 as a prelude to reimposing biting sanctions.  Iran’s supreme leader Sunday called the resurgence of the novel coronavirus in the country “truly tragic” and urged all citizens to help stem what has been the region’s deadliest outbreak.”Let everyone play their part in the best way to break the chain of transmission in the short term and save the country,” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in a video conference with lawmakers, according to his office. Iran has been struggling to contain the outbreak since announcing its first cases in February, and has reported more than 12,800 deaths since then.center_img Topics :last_img read more

Brisbane home values stay strong despite falls in Sydney, Melbourne

first_imgBrisbane home values are holding steady, despite falls in other capital cities. Photo: Nearmap.com.au.The month-to-date index shows Melbourne values are down half a per cent, while the Sydney market is down 0.2 per cent so far this month. Across all capital cities, dwelling values have slipped 0.2 per cent so far in May.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus18 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market18 hours agoCoreLogic head of research Tim Lawless said Brisbane was outperforming the larger capital cities because its home values were not falling, even though they were not growing much.“Brisbane on paper is looking like a very good market,” Mr Lawless said.“It’s affordable, has high yields and is seeing strong population growth. It just hasn’t seen a kickstart in property values.” WHERE TO BUY FOR UNDER $500,000 CoreLogic head of research Tim Lawless, pictured in Sydney.Mr Lawless said the decline in unit values in Brisbane was also easing.“We’re not seeing the unit marketplace as soft as it has been over the past few years,” he said.“We expect oversupply concerns to start to wind down somewhat.”But he said it was too early to tell if the unit market had reached the bottom. PARTY LIKE IT’S 1869 IN THIS ‘OLD-WEST’ STYLE CABIN IN THE WOODS Home values in regional markets such as the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast were performing well, while regional mining areas were recovering.The CoreLogic Home Value Index provides a detailed summary of how house and unit values have shifted across the capital cities and regional markets of Australia. Brisbane home values are holding steady, despite falls in other capital cities. Photo: Glenn Hunt/Getty Images.BRISBANE continues to defy a softening in home values, despite falls in the larger capital cities, an exclusive preview of the latest figures from property researcher CoreLogic reveals.The official end-of-month results are due to be released on Friday, but for the first 29 days of May, Brisbane home values actually rose 0.1 per cent.Year-to-date, they are holding steady.The preliminary reading is foreshadowing a more substantial fall across Melbourne, where the slide in dwelling values has previously been more resilient. GET THE LATEST REAL ESTATE NEWS DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX HERE last_img read more

PH arbitration victory ‘illegal, invalid’ – Chinese Embassy

first_imgPresidential spokesperson Harry Roque, meanwhile, admitted over at a virtual press conference on Tuesday that the two countries have different beliefs on the said arbitral award. “It is hoped that the Philippines could make concerted efforts with China in jointly securing the hard-won sound momentum of bilateral relations and upholding peace and stability in the South China Sea,” the Embassy said. China, however, has refused to recognize the ruling and has built artificial islands there and has prohibited Filipino fishermen from fishing and interfered in petroleum exploration./PN “Malinaw ang salita ng Presidente habang umiinit ang rivalry – kailangan itaguyod natin ang pang nasyonal na interes ng Pilipinas,” he stressed. “Isasantabi muna ang bagay na hindi mapagkasunduan, tulad nitong territorial dispute.” “Unang-una po, hindi tayo nagkaka sundo sa bansang Tsina sa arbitral award na ‘yan,” Roque said. “Ang disagreement na ito ay hindi sumatutal ng ating relasyon sa Tsina. Isusulong natin ang pwede nating isulong sa pagkakaibigan natin sa Tsina.” “China’s position is consistent, clear and firm. The South China Sea arbitration and its so-called award are illegal and invalid. China does not accept or participate in the arbitration, nor does it accept or recognize the so-called award,” the embassy said. The statement further said Chinese government hopes, with the current state of China-Philippines relations, the two country can work together to uphold peace and stability in the South China Sea. In a statement, China insisted both the arbitration and the Philippines’ victory have no merit. “China firmly opposes and will never accept any claim or action based on aforesaid award. It has to be highlighted that China and the Philippines have already reached consensus on properly handling the so-called arbitration case, which has laid down solid ground for the turning-around of bilateral relations,” it added. The Hague, in July, 2016, recognized the Philippines’ sovereign rights in its 200-nautical mile exclusive economic zone in the South China Sea, which the Filipino called as West Philippines Sea. Manila – The Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling in favor of the Philippines over disputed areas in the West Philippine Sea four years ago was “illegal and invalid,” according to the Chinese embassy in Manila.last_img read more

Players must raise game – Anichebe

first_img “We’ve had some good results against top teams, but the next couple of games against teams around us are the games that are important for us. “They’re the games we need to start picking up points from.” Albion have not kept a clean sheet since January 1, and the 25-year-old Nigerian added: “The most important thing is we need to be really hard to beat. “It doesn’t matter about scoring one, two or three goals. “The most important thing is keeping a clean sheet and being hard to beat then try to nick a goal or give our players the chance to do something special.” With 10 fixtures left to go this season, the Baggies are currently 17th in the Barclays Premier League and separated from the relegation zone by goal difference alone. They have not won any of their seven matches under Mel following his appointment in January and reports have suggested the Spaniard’s job is under threat. Anichebe is in no doubt that things need to change – but on the pitch, in terms of the players’ performance. “We’re in a serious position and we need to pull our socks up and get some points,” Anichebe, quoted by West Brom’s official website, said. “The next game (Saturday’s trip to Swansea) we need to improve and all of us know that. “It’s down to us as players to go out there and play as well as we can. “It’s not all down to the head coach. We, as players, need to go out and do well for the team and the supporters. “Whatever team the head coach puts out, we’re the ones who step over the line and we need to work hard and fight.” West Brom’s last outing saw them beaten 3-0 at The Hawthorns by Manchester United on Saturday. After Swansea, they face Hull and Norwich away, either side of hosting Cardiff. Anichebe said: “We can’t be too down about last Saturday because we’re not going to play Manchester United every week. West Brom forward Victor Anichebe has emphasised the urgent need for him and his Albion team-mates to up their game, stressing that head coach Pepe Mel cannot take all the blame for the club’s current predicament. Press Associationlast_img read more