NUSHIP Adelaide Heads to Her Sydney Homeport

first_imgBack to overview,Home naval-today NUSHIP Adelaide Heads to Her Sydney Homeport View post tag: BAe Systems Authorities View post tag: Asia-Pacific NUSHIP Adelaide Heads to Her Sydney Homeport View post tag: Homeport View post tag: Sydneycenter_img View post tag: Adelaide October 28, 2015 Australian Navy’s newest vessel NUSHIP Adelaide started her delivery voyage to her homeport, Fleet Base East, Sydney.According to social media, the Canberra class amphibious assault ship departed the BAE Systems shipyard in Williamstown, Melbourne, on 28 October, and will be soon handed over to the Navy.Australia’s second Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) ship recently completed her second and final sea trials in Port Phillip Bay. These trials tested the ship’s combat and communications systems over a 10 day period.BAE Systems Australia will manage the availability of the Navy’s two LHDs at Garden Island, Sydney.[mappress mapid=”17288″]Naval Today Staff, Image: Australian Navy View post tag: NUSHIP Share this articlelast_img read more

Raptors Keeping Watch For Pesky Seagulls

first_imgBy MADDY VITALEThe summer looks a bit different this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Rides, amusements and outdoor dining just recently reopened, and social distancing is the constant rule to follow.For seagulls, social distancing is not a choice — it is a strictly enforced rule — as long as “Lilly” the hawk is around. Other trained raptors, including falcons and an owl, are also keeping the gulls away from Boardwalk strollers and beachgoers who simply want to enjoy some good food.Falconer P.J. Simonis, of Wildlife Control Specialists LLC, called out to Lilly with a few chirps of a whistle.Immediately, he sent her off into the skies Thursday to patrol the area and make sure seagulls don’t snatch pizza, fries and other foods from tourists.Simonis is one of the falconers who work in shifts throughout the day and night to make sure the gulls hunt for their own food – not off a tourist’s plate.“It’s going really well,” Simonis said of the program’s results so far this summer.Lilly the hawk comes in for a landing after scanning the Ocean City sky for gulls.Ocean City Public Information Officer Doug Bergen said Sunday that the seagull-abatement program is definitely working.“So far this summer, the program has been remarkably effective — especially given the restrictions that require all dining on the Boardwalk to be outdoors,” Bergen noted. “The raptors allow Boardwalk visitors to eat in peace and safety.”Ocean City is believed to be the first resort community on the East Coast to use raptors to cut down on pesky seagulls and their unwanted visits. Typically, in the past, the gulls would pick “hot spots” on the rooftops of Boardwalk eateries and beach umbrellas to spot a family’s picnic-style lunches.Last summer was the first time the city used the program. It was so successful, city officials decided to bring it back again.Wildlife Control Specialists, out of Lebanon, N.J., was awarded a $193,600 contract with Ocean City earlier this year. The contract recently was increased to $205,600 to reflect additional work done by the company.Company owner Joe Kosakowski, Simonis and other members of the team began the 2020 season in May.A raptor keeps watch atop a sign for amusements. (Photo courtesy Ocean City spokesman Doug Bergen)In addition to Lilly the hawk, there are trained hawks, falcons and an owl that chase away seagulls, but do not harm them, Kosakowski said in a prior interview with is clear by the Boardwalk storefronts that the raptors are doing their job. Before Ocean City contracted for a bird-abatement program, seagulls steadily began to take over the Boardwalk scene, perching themselves in a row along the rooftops of the restaurants reminiscent of a scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, “The Birds”Not now.While the seagulls are still present, they are flying above the action – keeping their distance from the raptors.Mayor Jay Gillian and Business Administrator George Savastano looked for a creative way to cut down on the number of seagulls disturbing Boardwalk patrons and beachgoers. So the raptors were brought in.Wildlife Control Specialists began flying the birds on the weekends in May through June 15 and then switched to seven days a week through Labor Day. After Labor Day, the raptors will be in town on weekends until mid-October before stopping for the year. They will be on duty from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.Wildlife Control Specialists LLC owner Joe Kosakowski, left, holds Nola, a Harris’s hawk, and P.J. Simonis holds Betty, a gyrfalcon. Falconer P.J. Simonis gets a raptor ready to patrol the skis and scare away seagulls on Fourth of July weekend. (Photo courtesy Ocean City spokesman Doug Bergen)last_img read more

Cargill donates to ND Haiti program

first_imgCargill, a company that produces and markets food, agriculture and other products, donated $20,000 to Notre Dame’s Haiti Program, the University announced in a press release. The donation will go toward purchasing raw salt for the Haiti Program, which works to eliminate lymphatic filariasis, also known as elephantiasis, a disease that affects approximately one-third of the Haitian population. It is caused by parasites that cause extensive swelling in arms, legs and other body parts. Cargill’s donation is important to the Haiti Program because lymphatic filariasis can be treated with the use of table salt. “Medicated salt has been proven as the most effective secondary treatment, particularly in Haiti where diets tend to be salt-rich,” Fr. Thomas Streit, founder of the Notre Dame Haiti Program, said in the press release. The average Haitian consumes the exact amount of salt in their diet to be an effective treatment for lymphatic filariasis. This salt will come from Cargill’s solar salt facility in the Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles. Bromo Industrial, a Dominican Republic company and customer of Cargill, will deliver the salt to the Haiti Program. “When we talk about why our salt business exists, we say it is to nourish people and enhance lives every day,” Ruth Kimmelshure, president of Cargill Salt, said in the press release. Cargill and Notre Dame previously both worked with the Salt Institute, based in the U.S., which is the world’s foremost source of information about salt and its uses. Cargill produces salt for agricultural, food, water conditioning, industrial and packaged salt control. The Haiti Program began working with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to eliminate lymphatic filariasis in Haiti nearly 20 years ago. The program plans to administer drugs for lymphatic filariasis across the entire nation of Haiti by 2011. This plan is still on target despite the January earthquake in Haiti. “By helping to address this problem in Haiti, Notre Dame provides hope and relief to the Haitian people while living out the Notre Dame mission to cultivate in its students not only an appreciation for the great achievements of human beings, but also a disciplined sensibility to the poverty, injustice and oppression that burden the lives of so many,” Streit said.last_img read more

Saint Mary’s launches hashtag campaign on social media

first_imgSaint Mary’s initiated a new social media campaign this semester by implementing two new Instagram hashtags, #BellesOfSaintMarys and #SMCseniormoments. Junior communications major Kate FitzMaurice, who is a new Saint Mary’s media relations intern for Director of Media Relations Gwen O’Brien, thought of the hastag #BellesOfSaintMarys in order to get students involved with the College on social media.O’Brien said she initiated the campaign due to the past success of another Instagram tag, #SMCsummerlearn. “Social media is one way … to give other students, prospective students and parents an opportunity to have a glimpse of what goes on here and what the student experience is,” O’Brien said.FitzMaurice said her idea was inspired by the popular blog, “Humans of New York.” “I was thinking about how much I love that blog and thought, ‘Why don’t we do something here?’” FitzMaurice said. “Humans of New York” is a blog started by photographer Brandon Stanton, according to its Facebook page. Stanton goes around New York to interview people on the street and features these peoples’ stories on his blog. “He finds and brings out interesting things about them,” FitzMaurice said.She thought a similar idea would be a fun way to bring the Saint Mary’s campus to life on social media, FitzMaurice said. “I thought there are a lot of faces that you see and recognize on campus, but you don’t really know anything about them,” FitzMaurice said.O’Brien said she quickly approved of FitzMaurice’s idea.“I wouldn’t have come up, honestly, with the ‘Humans of New York’ idea on my own,” O’Brien said. “I need the younger perspective — it’s very valuable.”FitzMaurice said she hopes the campaign promotes a sense of community for students. “I hope that #BellesOfSaintMarys further promotes the sense of community we have here at Saint Mary’s,” FitzMaurice said. “It gives us a chance to celebrate and be supportive of each other’s unique talents and ideas.”Senior Melissa Fitzpatrick, who is also a media relations intern under O’Brien, came up with the hashtag #SMCseniormoments exclusively for Saint Mary’s seniors.“It’s their bucket list of things they want to do before they graduate, or their feelings and thoughts about Saint Mary’s, or what Saint Mary’s means to them,” FitzMaurice said. Fitzpatrick said her idea was inspired by her feelings about her final semester at Saint Mary’s. “There are so many emotions — excitement, fear, relief, accomplishment — overall, it’s bittersweet,” Fitzpatrick said. “I want this social media campaign to give the senior class a chance to slow it down, recognize our accomplishments, laugh a little and, most importantly, remember our final moments at Saint Mary’s.”Both campaigns were made for the students, O’Brien said. “The students have this energy that is truly what Saint Mary’s is,” O’Brien said. “It’s confident, it’s fun, it’s fresh. It really can be anything they want to be. “Who knows what we’ll find out as students start sharing their stories.” Both interns said they have enjoyed interacting with the Saint Mary’s student body on social media. “Honestly, it’s just so fun getting to know people,” FitzMaurice said. “I’ve loved interviewing people and I hope that I can bring that excitement to all of Saint Mary’s through the social media campaign.”Tags: #BellesOfSaintMarys, #SMCseniormoments, Gwen O’Brien, Saint Mary’s College, SMC, SMC media relationslast_img read more

New Drama Honor Bound to Play Off-Broadway

first_img Along with Lacuira, who plays Irwin, the show will feature Ross DeGraw as Jack, Christine Marie Heath as his wife Kay, Justin R.G. Holcomb as Peter and Nicole M. Carroll as Lisa. The production will have set and lighting design by Joseph Iacovelli, costumes by Jennie West and sound by Paul Bourgeois. Show Closed This production ended its run on Sept. 19, 2014 View Comments A new drama is on deck, ready to step up to the off-Broadway plate. Albert J. Repicci’s Honor Bound will begin performances on April 18 at St. Luke’s Theatre. Directed by Josh Iacovelli, the production will officially open May 14 with a cast including Boardwalk Empire star Anthony Laciura. Honor Bound In Honor Bound, an ambitious young reporter tries to uncover secrets about a respected, retired doctor but instead discovers long buried conflicts between two old friends. Set against the bonds of baseball, curveballs are thrown and memories recaptured. The play moves back and forth between 1968 and 1992. Related Showslast_img read more

Grounded, Starring Anne Hathaway, Extends Off-Broadway

first_imgWe have just received our first look, above, at Anne Hathaway in George Brant’s Grounded! It’s also been announced that the production will now extend through May 24; the show had been set to close on May 17 at off-Broadway’s Anspacher Theater.Grounded is about the complicated consequences of waging war without leaving home. The play follows an ace fighter pilot reassigned to a remote-controlled drone, who faces twelve-hour shifts hunting targets from her Air Force trailer, followed by twelve in the suburbs with her family.Directed by Tony winner Julie Taymor, the Public Theater production began previews on April 7 and will officially open on April 26. Show Closed This production ended its run on May 24, 2015 Related Shows View Comments Groundedlast_img read more

Asian Beetle Threat

first_imgAs long as state and federal inspection programs stay on guard, any likely introductions would be stopped before they become established, Douce said.More information on this insect is available on the web at, or from your local county extension office. The Asian longhorn beetle has infested and devastated maples, and other trees in New York City, Long Island and Chicago.This China native gained entry by stowing away on packing crates and slipping through inspections at international ports in those areas. With Georgia’s three major international ports in Savannah, Brunswick and the Atlanta airport, could the state’s trees be in danger?”In Georgia, the Asian longhorn beetle has not yet caused a problem,” says Keith Douce, an Extension Service entomologist with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. “A number of safeguards are in place,” Douce said.”We have not had a problem with it in Georgia, but it has been intercepted a few times in Savannah.” Inspections Prevent InfestationBoth the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Georgia State Department of Agriculture have thorough inspection systems to protect against this dangerous insect. “They inspect everything coming in, particularly shipments from China, to ensure the insect does not escape and become established here,” Douce said. “Any suspected shipments are stopped. If the insects are found, the packing crate is fumigated or rejected from entry.” The safeguards are so stringent because where the beetle has become established in the U.S., no control has been effective beyond cutting down host trees. Entire neighborhoods have lost beautiful stands of trees to try to stop the insect’s spread. Identifying the BeetleThe Asian longhorn beetle is a typical hard-bodied beetle about 1½ inches long. It has a glossy black body with long antennae and distinctive black and white markings on both the body and antennae, the entomologist said. It seems to prefer maples, including boxelder, Norway, red, silver, sugar and sycamore maples. Other known hosts are horsechestnut, black locust, elms, birches, willows, poplars and green ash. A complete list of host trees in the United States has not been determined.”The female insect finds a suitable host tree and lays from one to 70 eggs, which hatch into larvae that bore into the wood,” Douce said. “Eventually the tree weakens and become susceptible to wind damage.”Because the pest isn’t native to the U.S., no native organisms help control it. “When it becomes established,” Douce warned, “the population can develop rapidly unchecked. It can be a serious problem for maples and other trees.”last_img read more

Bank of Montreal to exit U.S. shale industry

first_imgBank of Montreal to exit U.S. shale industry FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Bloomberg:Bank of Montreal is winding down its U.S. oil and gas investment banking business and will focus on assets in Canada going forward, becoming the latest financial institution to cut ties with America’s beleaguered shale industry.BMO said it has made “the financial decision for an orderly wind-down of our non-Canadian investment and corporate banking energy business.” Going forward, the company said by email, its capital markets energy business will be focused on Canada.The company is eliminating about 50 positions in its investment banking group as part of the exit that was announced to staff on Monday, according to a person with direct knowledge of the situation who asked not to be identified because the information isn’t public. A handful of corporate bankers will manage BMO’s U.S. oil and gas loan book, the person said.BMO is the latest bank to halt investment banking tied to U.S. oil and gas explorers, which even before the pandemic were facing pressure after years of generating meager returns. The move didn’t appear to be related to ESG concerns plaguing fossil fuel companies. America’s shale industry has been swept up in a wave of consolidation in recent months as the pandemic slashes oil demand, drags down prices and forces low-premium mergers. That follows years of lackadaisical M&A activity in the oil patch.On Tuesday, BMO reported gross impaired loans in its U.S. oil and gas portfolio of C$457 million at the end of its fiscal fourth quarter, compared with only C$93 million for the industry in Canada and other countries.BMO’s U.S. oil and gas loan book was about $5.4 billion (C$7 billion) as of July 31, making up half of its overall oil and gas loans, according to a previous company presentation.[Kiel Porter, Rachel Adams-Heard and Kevin Orland]More: BMO to exit oil and gas investment banking in the U.S.last_img read more

Yankees, Red Sox to Honor Newtown Victims Opening Day

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox will stand together on April 1 to dedicate Opening Day to the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting that shook up Newton, Conn. three months ago.Pregame ceremonies will feature joint honor guards of Newtown police and firefighters, along with a moment of silence, during which a list of the Sandy Hook victims’ names will be recognized on the center-field video board. The baseball rivals will wear a special ribbon on their uniforms to honor those lost and those affected by the tragedy. The ribbon will also be prominently painted on the field in front of both dugouts.“Since the day of the tragedy, our hearts and thoughts have been with those who were affected,” Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner said in a statement. “We hope that bringing the families of Newtown together at Yankee Stadium later in the summer will give the community an opportunity to create new memories and aid in the difficult process of moving forward.”“Months have passed, yet we are still trying to come to grips with this incomprehensible tragedy,” said Red Sox owner John Henry. “As our teams look to face each other on Opening Day, we will stand united in support of the families affected as we remember and honor those who were lost.”The Yankees aren’t stopping at dedicating Opening Day to Sandy Hook victims. On Sunday, July 7, approximately 3,000 children, families and members of the Newtown community will be invited to watch the Yankees during “Newtown Day at Yankee Stadium”.last_img read more

Lending leaders embrace technology, innovation

first_img 4SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr CUs flourish despite competitive environment.Unless credit unions embrace innovation and technology, and market to nonmembers, they’ll have a difficult time growing their loan portfolios.Fortunately, many credit unions and their partners have accepted that challenge and flourished.Here are a few examples:With just six taps of a smartphone, Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU) members can apply for a short-term loan—and less than one minute later have access to as much as $4,000.The $1.9 billion asset credit union in Olympia introduced its Q-Cash product ( a decade ago after a teller reported many members were writing money orders to predatory lenders.WSECU offers a 60-day loan at $12 per every $100 borrowed, and an installment loan up to $4,000 with a 36% annual percentage rate. Both are available through traditional, online, and mobile channels. continue reading »last_img read more