Thunder download terminate cooperation with mobile phone movie

recently received notice of thunder.

emergency notice:

shall notify the relevant departments of our country to stop the cooperation of all mobile phone movie websites. Specific reasons for the above did not explain, just want us to do so.

class 3GP from tomorrow we will not charge, it is embarrassing, I also know that!

and the administrator also confirmed the Tid=8398

When we start a business, we know what we are talking about why do you want to start a business

when the venture, we know almost nothing to talk about, from the 5 million know almost a hundred users to choose to know almost on the entrepreneurial Q & A, the achievement of this book. The following is part of Digest.

look at their

"modern Chinese Dictionary" to "entrepreneurship" is the explanation: to create a cause. Simple interpretation of the four words contain too much attitude and persistence. With the rapid development of the Internet era, Facebook (Facebook) billion yuan venture IPO to obtain billions of dollars in market capitalization and the emergence of more and more, many lit up in the office with a salary and benefits, but the heart is unwilling and mediocre people heart entrepreneurial flame. read more

Thoughts on the operation of City discount shopping website

lost some time ago on the 9eat program, but also spent more than a month to think about how to operate. But in the process of understanding gradually found a problem can not be ignored, that is, the realization of membership points.


from simple terms, operation ideas of this kind of website is the website as a platform to integrate business resources, integrate the city down consumer resources for businesses to explore potential customers, bring more affordable prices for consumers, on this basis, to realize the integral members, members can exchange provided by business cooperation in the prize on the site. read more

Not just sign Foursquare what is worth $750 million

for so many years, although Foursquare into people’s vision, but it has not become the mainstream. Recently there have been rumors that Foursquare’s valuation reached $750 million, so a small sign class applications, what is worth $750 million?

the user Adam from Quora Feldman, about Foursquare, put on the line in the advertising conversion rate, profitability, mobile user experience, the advantages of services to support small and medium enterprises, if Foursquare can continue to become bigger and stronger, I have 750 million of the valuation is too low. read more

On the four channels to obtain the advantages and disadvantages of Wangzhuan

in recent years with the development of domestic Internet, the Internet is not a money what strange things, but the most important thing is to make money on the network no threshold in real life is not so high, like a job that required you must reach what this calendar, for those of us who are not so. The staff is very glad Wangzhuan thing, because in the network as long as you have, or have a good idea you can easily sit at home to make money, but make money in the network is not a tolerance thing, among other things, at least you have your right Wangzhuan the project is, that we how to Wangzhuan personnel in the network to find a suitable not only for us, but also can make Wangzhuan read more

The following 100P sites can also make money

many people should have encountered such a situation, website that small amount of 100IP is less than a day, following the 100IP website can make money? How to make money? The answer is affirmative, can make the actual situation, but how much to see their own.

remember that Chen Anzhi had a video lecture: the election of the industry to make a lot of money, IP and more, not necessarily be able to earn a lot of money, but IP less, also not necessarily can not earn money, the key is how you do the project, the project to do, then the money will earn more. Today, I would like to take some practical examples to explain, I think this may be more convincing. read more

From the net profit of 2 billion yuan to the besieged on all sides from Dong’e county 10 years tonic

December 22nd, China positioning the first person, Trout, China’s partner, as the dark horse entrepreneurial laboratory tutor in the dark horse to learn app conducted fourth live.

in the broadcast, Deng Delong in Dong’e Jiao as an example, as we resolve the strategic course of ten years of Dong’e county.

is the following fourth Deng Delong live content selection:

Dong’e E-Jiao, ten years of


December 21st tenth "gelatin nourishing Festival" opened in Shandong County of Dong’e. Ten years ago, facing the risk of marginalization, Ejiao category industry die, and now in the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai and Guangdong health center, Ejiao has become the preferred high-end crowd tonic. read more

Zhongguancun Pioneer Street is actually Haidian book city monthly rent 1000 yuan

Zhongguancun Venture Street

June 2014 open street of Zhongguancun Venture Street is China’s first venture service organization gathering area

days ago, "Zhongguancun innovation enterprise listing cultivation base was officially inaugurated operations. According to the relevant person in charge of the Zhongguancun administrative committee, in 2014 the year the newly established Zhongguancun science and technology enterprises over 1.3, an increase of more than two times more than in 2013. Zhongguancun will be in 2020, has become a global influence of technological innovation center, from the PC era of the leading group of the new generation of Internet innovation into the new position. read more

The fate of children 9 year old business earning millions of dollars, at the age of 13 when CEO

Abstract: This is a small fart child, called Evan, is only 9 years old this year, very very love to play with toys. So his parents helped him to open an oil pipe account, let him shoot the video and share his experience with the experience of playing toys, mainly to talk about this toy is not fun, how to play, what to play a new method.

just playing with toys, he was 9 years old into millions of dollars

is the small fart child, called Evan, is only 9 years old this year, very very love to play with toys. So his parents helped him to open an oil pipe account, let him shoot the video and share his experience with the experience of playing toys, mainly to talk about this toy is not fun, how to play, what to play a new method. read more

Li Kaifu today’s favorite entrepreneurs may be a few years after the collapse of the company

sina science and technology news Beijing time on April 14th evening 21 points, Innovation workshop chairman and CEO Li Kaifu published on the micro-blog entitled to the entrepreneurial youth of the eight barrels of cold water, long micro-blog. Li Kaifu said: "in recent months in Taiwan participated in several business related activities, to hear a lot about young entrepreneurial ideas, but I think many people only see entrepreneurs entrepreneurial aura, hear the grand dream, while the business view is too impersonal, even naive, so I want to give these people poured some cold water." (Li Gen) read more